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Yin Yang

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This award-winning photograph was taken while I was lost in the woods one  November day. I came upon this pond at dusk, and was amazed at the simple pattern of the golden leaves on both the black and the lighter section of the pond. The black is from the dark trees at the edge of the pond, and the light is the still luminous sky.  When I showed it to a few friends, several just said the words "Yin Yang." 

    A woman contacted me after she had seen this photograph, and said she had wept in front of it. I had been quite afraid and lost the day I made the photograph, and I think it did capture the feeling of finding spirit at the bottom of hopelessness.

   This woman happened to be in charge of putting artwork in a hospital, and it led to the Hartford Hospital purchasing a dozen of these contemplative landscapes for their Chapel area.

Archival prints, also known as giclee prints, are available in a range of papers, surfaces and sizes, standard size being 12 x 18”. Surfaces include matte or glossy paper, metallic paper, canvas, metal, glass and more.  Please email me if you are interested in customizing your print.