Creativity Coaching

It Helps to Have a Guide

So many issues and dilemmas to confront along the creative path! It helps to have a guide and companion who has experienced them herself.  Things like fear, self-doubt, time-management and lack of clarity can stop us or slow us down. And how does an artist or writer fit creative time into parenting or a demanding profession? How do you keep creating when leftover blocks from your early life crop up?

   Having a creativity coach along for the ride can make all the difference in being able to finish a piece of writing, market your art to galleries, or figure out how to balance making a living and have a flourishing creative practice.  It's not psychotherapy, but it can help turn existential depression into creative flow or paralyzing performance anxiety into fearless self-expression. Make your days more fun, more authentic, more meaningful, and more productive now.

Who I Am

     I have over 25 years experience making and marketing my art, writing, making music and being a "cultural creative." I have also produced tons of promotional materials for myself and other professionals and understand the marketplace.

   I am trained in a variety of self-awareness, coaching and communication processes, which can help you make the most of your creative abilities, your time and your efforts.

Experience the Support

   Take the first step: Email me a little about who you are and what you want to move forward with now and we will set up a time to talk -- free of charge.  If it feels right, we will customize a way to work together that works for you - by phone, email, Skype or in person if you live nearby. Hourly rate is $80, reduced fees available.


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